LETTER II The Rev. Joseph Harlowe to Mrs. Marjorie Waldgrave Dear Madam, Your letter sent me into convulsions of the greatest confusion when I receiv’d it this morning. The Duke has a daughter, a new young lady for the Palace! The Mother perish’d! That wicked woman shall, alas, be remembered fondly in death by allContinue reading “ELEANORA; OR, A TALE REGRETTABLY TRUE”

Eleanora; or, A Tale Regrettably True

[Hello! This is my eighteenth-century imitation novel, Eleanora (see Islandia, chapter 7). Let me know if you’d like to read more!] LETTER I Mrs Marjorie Waldgrave to the Rev. Joseph Harlowe Adlebury Hill, February 2 Dear Sir, I had just completed my perusal of your fine letter this morning, seated as I was with myContinue reading “Eleanora; or, A Tale Regrettably True”

10 Days in Matalia (A Short Story: Day 1)

The sun was glistening blindingly on the water of the Inner Sea, and over the waves the royal party could see the solar glow linger on both the bustling landscape of the island of Martaine and the bright, empty cliffs of the southern Rutland Isles. Beside them, the reddish light faltered on the tops ofContinue reading “10 Days in Matalia (A Short Story: Day 1)”