The Rev. Joseph Harlowe to Mrs. Marjorie Waldgrave

Dear Madam,

Your letter sent me into convulsions of the greatest confusion when I receiv’d it this morning. The Duke has a daughter, a new young lady for the Palace! The Mother perish’d! That wicked woman shall, alas, be remembered fondly in death by all who knew her. Let us earnestly hope that her Daughter will be raised with the decency and respect so disastrously denied to the Mother; with such a Father, however, I fear that such may be wishful thinking. To be sure she was a sinful woman indeed, but it is not for such as we to judge the Dead; that must be left to the Almighty alone.

I found your account very affecting. Whilst I have many a time had reason to be grateful that Miss Alexandrina, young as she is, remains outside the influence of this shallow and unkind Duke, I cannot but wish that some good may come of your involvement in their affairs, especially for the innocent motherless Babe. 

Your most humble servant,

J. Harlowe

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