About Me

Hello! My name is May and I’ve had an imaginary world called Islandia since I was very young. Since then, I’ve written multiple stories, drawn hundreds of pictures (though I’m no expert!), and spent hours figuring out names, places and people. Recently I started using some of my drawings (both old and new) to create a longer novel based on my world. I’d love to get some outside feedback – if you think of anything, please leave a comment or email me here. Please let me know whether you’d like to read more. I’d also welcome contributions, questions, and ideas!

Update: after 11 years of hand-writing my journal in notebooks, I’ve decided to start blogging! I’ll be writing about both my life now and my life in the past.

My blog

History of Islandia

Islandia developed from a string of characters that have remained essentially the same since I was about four, although the imaginary world itself did not develop until much later. As a child and teenager, it was a way of combining my fascinations with geography, the monarchy and stories, though it didn’t really manifest in written form until quite recently. My Islandian ‘archives’ are mostly made up of drawings, paintings, and seemingly endless lists of characters, geographical features and other raw details. In writing the novel Islandia, which is mostly set in the nineteenth century (which is both similar and different to the nineteenth century in our world), I referred to these things for inspiration, often using little mistakes or apparently inconsequential details to come up with quirks in the plot.