Chapter 8

“Celia!” screeched Mrs. Baxter, as soon as the front door had swung open. The round door handle banged loudly against the wall, deepening the already-prominent dip that had formed there. Mabel visibly winced, but Mrs. Baxter didn’t even notice.             “Lionel! Celia’s here!” Mrs. Baxter shrieked, as though Mr. Baxter hadn’t been made to standContinue reading “Chapter 8”

The Castle: A Short Story (Part 1)

Amaria was late again. She had been late with greater and greater frequency over the last few years, and today it had been at least half an hour since the appointed time, which had remained unchanged for almost thirty years. All the food for the household was brought up from the village, and twice aContinue reading “The Castle: A Short Story (Part 1)”