Chapter 7 (Part 2)

Taking advantage of the current good relationship between the Islandian nations, Rewan and Maria Teresa had gone through the usual rituals typically required for a couple engaged in courtship: they danced several times at balls, exchanged private letters, and in December 1703 they attended the Christmas concert at Kemerin Abbey, where they were seated nextContinue reading “Chapter 7 (Part 2)”

Chapter 7 (Part 1)

There is a belief persistent amongst both the ordinary people of Rowenia, and amongst several members of the aristocracy, that Arvinta chose to withdraw from the world because of a perceived slight against them that occurred over a hundred years ago. In 1701, my mother’s great-grandfather, King Rewan, came to the Rowenian throne after theContinue reading “Chapter 7 (Part 1)”

Chapter 6 – UNFINISHED

King Joseph, completely unprompted, was staring fixedly at the portrait on the wall above my mother’s head. It was enormous; the largest portrait in the room, and he could hardly have missed it. “What a magnificent painting,” the King pronounced, still not taking his eyes away it. Even though she knew what he referred to,Continue reading “Chapter 6 – UNFINISHED”

Chapter 5 (Part 2) – UNFINISHED

So in the end, and without the intervention of Jesper (whose grand imagination conjured up a scene in which Jacob was appropriately stirred by more of Sir Francis’ rousing speeches), the blander history that inhabits legal documents, chronicles and diary entries informs us when Jacob eventually made his way to the temporary royal court atContinue reading “Chapter 5 (Part 2) – UNFINISHED”