Chapter 9

It was the morning after Olive’s moderately successful afternoon of casing the joint, but she couldn’t be more miserable. Following Alice’s warning, Olive had spent several hours obsessively searching every inch of Raymond’s account, and finding adoring comments from this mysterious ‘Lulu’ wherever she looked. The name sounded strangely familiar, and Olive had racked herContinue reading “Chapter 9”

Chapter 8

“Celia!” screeched Mrs. Baxter, as soon as the front door had swung open. The round door handle banged loudly against the wall, deepening the already-prominent dip that had formed there. Mabel visibly winced, but Mrs. Baxter didn’t even notice.             “Lionel! Celia’s here!” Mrs. Baxter shrieked, as though Mr. Baxter hadn’t been made to standContinue reading “Chapter 8”