King Joseph’s children (July 1852)

Childhood portrait of King Joseph’s six eldest children. From left to right: Princess Maria Constanza (5), Prince Joseph Eric (6), Princess Royal Ariana Prudentia (10/11), Crown Princess Eugenia Gwendolyn (11/12), Prince Timothy (8), Prince Jonah Octavius (7).

Please forgive the poor art skills and lack of detail; I painted most of these pictures when I was very young. Additionally, the names written in pencil on the two portrait frames are both incorrect (they should read, from left to right, ‘Olivia’ and ‘Eugenia III’). However, I have used the imperfections in my childhood artwork, e.g. smudges, perspective errors, to inform the artistic trends of Arvintan painters, who accordingly favour a very wooden, naive style. Lack of skill has its perks!

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